Vehicle Loan

Vehicle Loan/Smriti Vehicle Loan:-
  • We may also finance for commercial vehicle, rate of interest will be charged @16%.
  • Rate of interest for two wheeler loan @16% and four wheeler Rate of interest will be @ 9%.
  • We may finance to service class employees, where I.T. returns are available and latest salary slip is available.
  • Two wheeler/Four wheeler loans can be sanctioned on the basis of repaying capacity of the borrower.
  • We can also finance old four wheeler vehicles not more than three year old. Interest will be charged @18%.
  • We may also finance to the business class where earlier connection with our Bank found i.e. Daily Deposit, SB, CA, FD etc.
  • We may finance If the borrower is our customer, integrity of the borrower is reported to be good, past track record of old loan is regular.
  • Processing charges will be 1% of loan amount. For two wheeler Minimum Rs.500/-.